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Shushu Moon Dummy Holder - Coconut


Cutest & softest dummy holders, our Shushu Moons will soon become your babe's new favourite. The are made out of our signature teddy boucle fabric and come with a protective carry tote bag.

Colour: Coconut (White / Ivory)

Size: 13cm long

Each one is hand made & unique and may deviate slightly from the ones shown in the photo.

Fabric: Outer 100% polyester / Inner 100% polyester / String 100% polyester | 11cm long

Care Instructions: Wash before use. Handwashing or spot cleaning recommended.

NOTE: This is not a teether - chewing can change appearance of moon.

Safety Warning
Always follow SIDS guidelines with your newborn. Check for damage or loose parts prior to use. Use only under adult supervision and always follow SIDS guidelines.

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