Ziggy Lou

Cream With Oat Fringe Swaddle


Ideal to wrap your baby as a swaddle, blanket for the cot/bassinet, for use over the pram when out and about, to cover yourself while feeding or as a snuggly blankie.

Colour: Cream with Oat Fringe

Colours may vary slightly from images.

Size: 100cm x 70cm 

Swaddles are hand cut, please allow a tolerance of 1/1.5cm for all items.

Fabric: 100% Cotton (No Stretch)

Care Instructions: 
 ❥ Due to the delicate nature of the tassel trim please hand wash only or spot clean.
  Lay flat to dry 
 ❥ DO NOT tumble dry as the item will shrink.

Please note tassel trim will wrinkle after wash, iron trim on a light setting to straighten out.

Safety Warning: This is not a toy. 

Use only under adult supervision. Always follow SIDs guidelines for your newborn.

Photo Credit: @thesegoldendays_

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