Natural Change Basket


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The Kiin Change Basket is hand made from 100% natural maize material. Natural Maize is strong, lightweight and eco friendly.

The basket will continue to be useful long after baby outgrows it - they can be used for toy storage or a pet’s bed!

Basket includes 1x White cotton insert with reversible quilted stitching.

Size: To 80L x 48W x 10H cm (cotton liner size 73L x 43W x 1 cm)

 ❥ Portable & Lightweight - So easy to move around your house, or take away from home.
 ❥ Open breathable sides
 ❥ Includes a White cotton insert with reversible quilted stitching
 ❥ This basket is hand woven from natural materials, so slight variations in colour and structure are normal and considered faults.

  ❥ This basket is intended for use only when changing baby's nappy 
  ❥ Never carry the basket with a baby inside of it
  ❥ Never leave baby unattended in the basket
  ❥ Always place the basket on a flat, firm, stable surface
  ❥ Avoid moisture: Keep product dry and out of damp areas. If the product becomes damp it is at risk for growing mould. Be sure to store the basket in a dry, well lit and well ventilated area.
  ❥ High Fire danger - keep product away from heat and flames or any sources of intense heat e.g stoves, heaters, fire places
  ❥ Cotton Insert should be regularly washed
  ❥ This product should be inspected regularly for signs of damage and wear. Please remember this basket has been constructed from naturally grown materials and as such is susceptible to wear and tear
  ❥ More safety information can be found here

  ❥ Cotton Insert should be regularly washed, follow washing instructions on label.
  ❥ Basket should be regularly aired; the best practice would be to remove the liner, and place the basket outside in direct sunlight for a few hours.

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