Burp Cloth 3 Piece Set - Olive


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Garbo&Friends baby burp cloths are made from premium quality light and airy 100% Cotton Muslin - and they are heavenly soft, perfect for your baby's skin.

A baby essential that will be very useful beyond the newborn stage. Use them around the house or on the go.

These sustainable burp cloths also get softer with use and each wash. They are ethically made in Portugal and are OEKO-TEX certified.

Our Olive colour is the perfect warm tone of a not quite beige or green, but something stunning in between, together with Hay and Eggshell it creates a perfect set of three.

Colour: Hay/ Olive/ Eggshell

Colours may vary slightly from images.

Size: 40cm x 40cm

Material: 100% Cotton Muslin

Care/Washing Instructions:

  • Wash on gentle cycle 40°C
  • Tumble dry in full drum

Safety Warning
Adult supervision is recommended. Do not leave newborns or young infants unattended with towel.

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